NOW OPEN: The NaviKatz Warriors NFTs private sale Whitelist application is now open.

Grap a chance to have a whitelist position on any of CELO, CRONOS or FANTOM blockchain and Participate In The NaviKatz Warriors NFTs Private Sale🐈🤯🏆

Cost of NFTs:

PRIVATE SALE: $10 or its equivalent in CELO, CRO…



The NaviKatz Warrior NFTs Airdrop is live! 💨💪⚡️🌳🗡🔥👹👨🏾‍🎤

To celebrate the successful launch of the NaviKatz Project we are giving out 200 CeloKatz NFTs , 200 CroKatz NFTs and 200 FTMKatz NFTs to the Celo, Cronos and Fantom Communities respectively.

🗓 Airdrop Duration: February 1 — 7, 2022.

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The NaviKatz envisions to be the next generation Multiverse, NFT and GameF project built on Celo, Cronos and Fantom Blockchain.